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” Whichever the company you choose, it’s always important that you go with a construction solutions provider who has a well-trained and well-experienced workforce. I firmly believe that we have a well experienced and qualified workforce to deliver an outcome at a higher level than what our clients expect. We always aspire to maintain a TRUSTED and LONG Lasting relationship with our Stakeholders.”


P.K. Nayana Prasad
P.K. Nayana PrasadChairman

Mr. Nayana Prasad has over 18 years of experience in the field of construction. It was under his guidance that mass projects such as the DPMC facility complex four and Apartment Building for ABCD projects were completed. He has also assisted the construction of communication towers and countless other housing projects.

 Mr.Palitha Liyanage
Mr.Palitha Liyanage Project Manager
D.M.J.B. Dissanayaka
D.M.J.B. Dissanayaka Engineer
E.M.N.R.Lakmal Ekanayaka
E.M.N.R.Lakmal EkanayakaOperations Director
P.K. Nayana Prasad
P.K. Nayana PrasadProject Manager
G.K.GamageOperations Director
D.M.J.B. Dissanayaka
D.M.J.B. DissanayakaCreative Director
Simon Taylor
Simon TaylorCreative Director

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